Walking down the Memory Lane

It’s a perfect Sunday morning! I wake up to check a friend’s birthday and logged in to my account and saw this message from The Blazing Trail that my blog has been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger award! If you like reading amazing stories, you should definitely visit The Blazing Trail.

I remembered the day when I started this blog. For long my mother’s recipe book had been my source of inspiration to cook and share the love of food with others. I still remember my long phone calls with mummy over food measures and timing! And they used to irritate her so much as much of Indian cuisine is based on estimates J. Then slowly I started browsing for more on the Internet and it led me to unexplored cuisines and food combinations. We were living in California that time.. and it was the first time I had an oven in my kitchen.. so my new love was baking.. I am not ashamed to say that I started by Betty Crocker’s readymade mixes! J but now with the help of many bloggers I seem to have made some headways into the world of baking, however it will still be long when I can bake a cake without looking into my recipe book! My Weekend Kitchen started in 2010, when we moved to Bombay. During one of the dinners we hosted at our place, a number of friends told me to start a food blog and share my recipes with others. I had been blogging since 2008 at lime ‘n’ lemony; but that was not the place for recipes. Just like the initial inhibition with Lime ‘n’ Lemony; I wasn’t sure if I should start another blog. Maintaining one was difficult enough with office; adding another would just not be justified. And most of my cooking was Indian, and there were already so many Indian food blogs that I didn’t feel that there was space for one more. But the idea was put into my head! And then I reasoned with myself that I can surely do one post a week! And so started the confusion over an apt name… It took 6 months to give up the idea of finding a perfect name and just like that the perfect came by and so started My Weekend Kitchen!

This blog was a chicken and egg situation… I had to cook something nice to post and to post I had to cook something nice! 🙂 So in a way I and my blog inspired each other… Once again big thanks to The Blazing Trail! Just like yours, my sense of inspiration has been renewed by this nomination!

Here are the rules to participate, once you are nominated:

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. Post the award image to your page (the initial image on the post).
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself:
    1. I believe that “one should cross the bridge when it comes”. No point worrying about a problem when it hasn’t even surfaced.
    2. I love the smell of wet earth after the rains. And when it rains I love to go out for a long drive or a bike ride and come back soaking wet!
    3. I am a true Piscean at heart… I day-dream… I’m a pathetic romantic…  I love my man to hold the car’s door; I love him telling me I’m wonderful! 🙂
    4. Baking is my de-stressor.  If it was possible I would bake every morning and wake up the house to the sweet smell of fresh bread or cake.
    5. I am an engineer by degree and a social worker by profession. I am closely concerned with India’s social development and make a small contribution towards it through my work in rural pockets.
    6.  I am addicted to Scrabble. Not that I’m a very good player but I just love it.
    7. I love Bollywood songs! I usually enjoy various forms of music but when it comes to relaxing or even working around house, I would always prefer an old bollywood song collection to play in the background.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated
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  5. Post the rules in your blog post

The post goes without a recipe; but I think I make up for that by having a lot of food blogs in the list of recommendations! And now I should stop.  I’ve written a bit too much! 😛